A Kiss Of Forever!

Written By All Video Subscribers on Thursday, February 9, 2012 | 2:28 PM

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A Kiss Of Forever!

The first time I felt your lips
I thought it was merely a dream
I opened my eyes and to my surprise
The most hansome eyes I've ever seen.
I don't know why you love me
But because of that I know dreams come true
All I want is love and devotion
Honesty and faithfulness from you.
Since that very first day we kissed
I just couldn't let it go
I'd found a love to last forever
And so much to experience and know.
I couldn't believe what I was staring at
You stole my heart away
I love you with all my heart
More and more each day.
Whenever things get really rough
And there's times I begin to miss
I just close my eyes and begin to dream
And remember our first kiss.
I can't remember any kisses before you
But it doesn't matter now
I still can't believe it
The feelings in that kiss I had found.
It all just came in one day
Two people who were perfect together
And I found it all in one precious touch
In that priceless kiss of forever.
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