My life was in a world

Written By All Video Subscribers on Sunday, January 22, 2012 | 11:54 AM

My life was in a world without dreams, without hope or longing. 

My life was flat and empty, cold and bitter. 

But one day a ray of sunshine lit up my sky breaking through 
thick black clouds to show me beyond what my eyes could see 
there was a paradise full of beautiful things that I could smell, 
look and especially feel. 

That's you beam you got to give me back the laughter, 
joy and enthusiasm that I need to continue the struggle of everyday life. 

Your presence makes my imagination will fly, 
time passes and my heart want to get the chest to be a little more about you. 

You're the best thing that has happened. 

Restoring color to my gray land and the aroma of roses to myself. 

Take my soul and strong embrace it and not let me go, 
never from me, because without the warmth of your smile, 
I could not live.
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