Into a garden let us stroll

Written By All Video Subscribers on Monday, January 16, 2012 | 1:49 PM


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Into  a garden  let  us  stroll
Out  of  the  mundane  world,
Into  a  place  of  celestial  beauty
Where  everything  is  perfect
Nar  a care  exists
Into  the  ocean  let  us swim
And   float  in  a sea  of  love.
Rainbows  surround  us
And  doves  fly  above  us
Let  us  take  each  other's hand
And  walk  together  silently
In  perfect  harmony
You  and I  as God had  planned
Became  SoulMates  long ago
Now  we  have  found  the  love
We'd  searched  for  ever  so  long
Let  us  sing , rejoice  and play
And  be happy  that  we have today
As  our  hearts beat to the same drum
Let  no one come  between  us
Dance  with me , My Lover
Iam  your  Beloved
Into  the  spacious  realm of  dreams come true
Let  us  fly, higher  than the sky
Together  forever,
In  Peace , Love And Harmony
You  and  I.
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Have  A  Beautiful  day
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