Italian style Milk Soda

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Italian style Milk Soda


* 1/2 cup chilled chocolate- or strawberry-flavor milk
* 3/4 cup chilled orange soda


Place 1/2 cup ice cubes in a tall glass (at least 16 oz.). Add 1/2 cup chilled chocolate- or strawberry-flavor milk, then pour in 3/4 cup chilled orange soda. Sprinkle with long, thin orange peel strands and finely chopped semisweet chocolate to taste. Stir, and sip immediately through a straw (soda loses its fizz quickly).

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The Greatness of Nature

"Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence."

~ Hal Borland

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Unbelievable Stunt Photography

Unbelievable Stunt Photography

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Generation Lawn Prints 2011-12 – Summer/Spring Collection

Generation is famous company in Pakistan. Generation was founded in 1983 with a vision to cater to the clothing needs of the urban Pakistani woman. It was one of the first ready-to-wear outlets on the fashion scene in Pakistan. Generation is one of the leading company which always introduced latest dresses designs according to the  trend or fashion. Fashion, style, luscious colors and summer Generation summer Collection 2011 and 2012 nurtures the right moods and attitude to celebrate,  comming summer in a blissful experience. Lawn prints for the summer of 2011 by Generation.

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