Homemade Face Masks For All Kind Of Skin

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Homemade Face Masks For All Kind Of Skin

Our face is our fortune and most of us would be willing to work hard to preserve it and make it more beautiful. When it comes to removing dead skin cells and impurities from the face, nothing else can beat homemade face masks. Homemade face packs help in maintaining the tautness of facial skin along with deep cleansing the skin on the face and neck area. Moreover you can prepare homemade facials with items of every day use in our kitchens. So you do not get to feel the pinch of all those beauty parlor bills and at the same time get to have great skin. Facial Masks are the best to use from another angle too; our skin suffers extensively due to the repeated use of cosmetics which have harsh chemicals in them. Face packs consisting of natural ingredients on the other hand are absolutely harmless and can be used regularly.
Homemade Face Masks Recipes

Let us have a look at the recipes of some of the effective face masks.

For normal skin

For those of you who have normal skin you can make face packs mixing either clay or white kaolin powder along with cornflower, oats and one beaten egg white. A drop of geranium oil should be added to this mix and then mixed well to form a paste, which can be then be applied and left for a few minutes and then washed off. Regular application of this homemade face pack would give you radiant skin.

For dry skin

Fruits that are rich in water and vitamins make for good face packs for those who have dry skin. You can make a paste of papaya or peach and leave it for around 20 minutes and then wash your face. The result would be fresh and youthful skin. You can also use a paste of mashed avocado or banana too for application on dry skin for similar results.

For oily skin

For those of you who have oily skin, you can make a homemade face pack made out of apples and honey. Make a paste of one table spoon of honey with two peeled apples. The paste should be applied and washed after 20 minutes. Also try making a paste of a fully ripe tomato. These homemade face packs can give you a glowing look in a matter of minutes.

For glowing skin

In order to have glowing skin you can make face masks using honey, sandalwood powder and a ripped banana. The banana is mashed and then honey and sandalwood powder are added and worked into a thick paste. Facial packs from this mixture are known to give a natural glow to dull skin.

For wrinkled skin

Almonds should be soaked in milk overnight and then ground into a paste. A little bit of milk is added when making the paste. The face pack is rich in Vitamin A which helps in moisturizing the facial skin while milk helps in cleansing the skin naturally, adding luster to your skin.

For skin blemishes

A simple homemade facial can be prepared using honey for removing skin blemishes. Natural honey is gently massaged all over the face and then left for around a few minutes. You can wash your face with cold water after 10 minutes or so. This homemade face pack helps in clearing blemishes on the face.

For facial pores

A homemade facial which is found effective against enlarged pores can be prepared using orange and lemon juice. Both the juices are mixed and then applied all over the face with gentle and upward strokes. This facial mask helps in improving the condition of large pores.

For dark under eye circles

Home made face packs can help a lot in removing the condition of having dark under eye circles. A face mask can be prepared using either tea bags or cucumber juice for this condition. You can apply either tea bag soaked in water or cotton pads soaked in the cucumber juice on your eyes.
Make Basil Facial Mask at home


30 grams of basil sheets,
30 grams of vervain sheets,
30 grams of thyme sheets,
And 30 grams of chervil sheets
You will find these sheets out of sachet, generally not very expensive, on sale in pharmacy or specialized stores.

Method: Mix these sheets until you obtained a quite fine powder and mix with mineral water, until obtaining a consistent paste. Apply then the facial mask in fine layer, let it dry and rinse with clear water when your skin pulls about slightly under the effect of the draining of the mask
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