Factors that contribute to stress

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Factors that contribute to stress

There are a number of factors that contribute to stress... Mental, Physical, Emotional (and perhaps Spiritual).

As mentioned above, exercise can increase endorphins and 'burn up' or convert chemicals and hormones that are part of the chemical cascade of Stress. These 'Stress Chemicals' are designed to increase our ability to survive, primarily through movement (think: run, fight).

Our current lifestyle generally does not often include much physical exertion but it does includes a lot of stimulation that triggers the Stress Response. Therefore we are building up the 'I need to Move to Survive Hormones and Chemicals' but not moving much to utilize them properly.

Movement does more than 'burn up' stress hormones... When we walk we stimulate a 'cross crawl' patterning in our brain which tends to balance the electrical activity which helps change our perception and therefore help us feel better. It is possible with brain wave training to 'unstress' in a few minutes. An accomplished meditator can do this.

When we are stressed our attention is on problems (past, future) and therefore feel the emotions and feelings of worry, fear, anxiety, grief, anger and frustration.

When we exercise there is a good possibility that our attention is on the present moment which allows feelings like joy, appreciation, happiness and being 'connected to something greater than ourselves' to be present. This in itself changes the chemicals that our bodies make which then affects how we feel.

In Chinese Medicine there is a lot of understanding and practice of balancing the 'Chi' or energy in the body. When we move we change the blood flow and the 'Chi' flow which directly affects how we feel. An acupuncture treatment can often quickly affect how you feel without the movement of exercise.

Part of the stress response is a contraction of various muscles... unconscious and instinctive. When you exercise often it will disrupt the unconscious contractions you are doing and then you will feel more relaxed, unburdened and more free.

On another level, it is possible to measure various kinds of electrical activity of the body (like brain, heart, muscles) using various BioFeedback techniques. Exercise changes these electrical patterns, usually for the better!
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Coke Man made with 2,500 used Coca-Cola crates

Developed for Coca-Cola by Porky Hefer of Animal Farm, the “Fan Man” is an innovative sculpture that is made entirely with 2,500 used Coca-Cola crates. Looking like a Lego statue, this massive Coke Man weighs 25 tones and stands 16.5 meter tall. Placed in the Fan Park, Johannesburg, the sculpture apart from being a creative piece of art also helps in sustaining the environment by recycling old Coke crates.

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The Horse Tailor Helps Your Horse Play Dress-Up

As if ridiculous costumes for cats and dogs weren’t enough, The Horse Tailor creates over-the-top outfits for horses.

Ever wondered what Harry Potter, or Scooby Doo would look like as a horse? Well, now you no longer need to imagine it, thanks to The Horse Tailor you can see it with your own eyes. Although The Horse Tailor provides all kinds of apparel, accessories and costumes for horses and riders, it’s their custom division that really impresses. You can ask for whatever you’ve always dreamed of dressing your horsey with, and Donatella and fer team will probably make it for you.

So far, the Horse Tailor has dressed horses as the Pink Panther, hamburgers, bees, college graduates, lions and I doubt they’ll stop here. Next time you get a wacky idea about playing dress-up with your horse, you know who to call.

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Lego Made 1966 Batmobile BoxCar

Here is a great Lego creation that has made the oldie 1966 Batmobile in a BoxCar version, providing a very new and creative style I must admit is absolutely awesome.

It was created by Reasonably Clever Chris featuring the Batman Cube Dude that was made by Angus MacLane. The overall design of the 1966 Batmobile is extremely miniature but packs a punch in detail and cuteness. It even adds the flame for the extra feel of the old Batman TV Show.

The thing is, if you are not a huge Batman fan but like the style of this Lego Art, then you should check out other cute creations, such as the Big Lebowski Lego Characters or the A-Team Characters. Both are additional works by Angus that really make the personalities come alive.

Well, in the end, you could always make some of these yourself…just got to have the patience and ability to see the work through. Hat’s off to Chris and Angus for such creativity and work!

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Jennifer Lopez's Pictures

Jennifer Lopez's Pictures

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Lakshmi and Tapsi at Music World

Lakshmi and Tapsi at Music World

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Motorola Greco XT502 Candybar Smartphone

Motorola join line of smartphones based on Android operating system with a new model Motorola Greco (XT502 ). Smartphone Motorola Greco is designed for cellular networks GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and UMTS / HSDPA (2100/1900/850 MHz).

It is a candy bar with a touch screen, equipped with built-in camera, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g, A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 port, and 3.5-mm jack for headphones. Terms occurrence Motorola XT502 for sale are unknown.

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5 foods you MUST AVOID to reduce stress

5 foods you MUST AVOID to reduce stress

Food plays a direct role in how we feel. In fact no other thing has so much pronounced affect on how we feel than food. Here are 5 foods that can we must avoid to reduce stress and feel better:


Alcohol makes you unconscious, giving you a temporary high and making you forget about the stressful situation. What it actually does is make you more irritable and stressful, which is experienced after the initial high is gone.


Caffeine just like alcohol gives you a temporary high by releasing adrenaline hormones, which is what our body does when stressed. So by consuming caffeine you are actually stressing the body even more, until it's completely exhausted from inside. Sources rich in caffeine are chocolates, coffee, tea and colas.


Sugar is nothing but calories. It gives instant energy putting lot of load on the adrenal glands. Our body has to use it's resources (vitamins and minerals) to process it.


Salt increases blood pressure and exhausts the adrenal glands.


Fats put lot of stress on the digestive system. Moreover, saturated fats increases cholesterol, thereby increasing risk of stroke.
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