7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Written By All Video Subscribers on Saturday, May 15, 2010 | 10:35 AM

7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

1. Drink Ice cold water. Okay I know you already know this and you probably already know ice cold water makes your body burn fat to heat the ice cold water back up to body temp, but I keep saying drink water because… A lot of people still don’t drink enough water. If you want to lose weight fast… Stop wasting your money on ugly fat-weight gainers like coffee, soda, and juices and pick up a FREE magical weight loss drink called water

2. Eat Peppered beef jerky. I can’t explain any science behind this one, but every time I eat peppered beef jerky I seem to shred a little fat and I think this is due to the spices they put in the beef jerky and some studies show that spicy foods increase your metabolism and there’s also enough protein in beef jerky to help curb your appetite

3. Kill your cravings. Eating lots of protein (nuts, jerky, fish, and chicken) raw veggies and water will kill your appetite. I promise you the sooner you get used to eating raw veggies you will stop craving for all the junk foods that made you fat in the first place.

4. Drink green tea. Hate drinking water all the time? Then sip on some green tea to increase your metabolism to burn more fat.

5. Limit carbs. This is really an emergency weight loss trick. If you stop eating carbs (or limit your carbs) you can lose 5 lbs or more real quick by burning up all the stored carbs in your body. You have about 1 pound of carbs stored in your body and each pound stored in your body has 3-4 lbs of water attached to it. So if you burn up the stored carbs in your body… The 5 lbs of water will burn up with it

6. Do something in the morning – Wake up and break a sweat for 30min in the morning. I know you hate to exercise but if you do it first thing in the morning guess what… Your body will ONLY BURN FAT because since you haven’t eaten anything yet… Your body has no choice but to feed off the stored FAT in your body for energy.

7. Walk for 10 minutes after you eat – Your body burns calories to digest the food you eat and if you walk for 10 minutes after you eat you will increase the amount of calories you burn during digestion and get his… If you eat three times a day you will easily get the 30 minutes of activity you need to lose weight (3 meals x 10 minute walks after each meal).

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Amazing Caricature Art By Jason Seiler

A caricature is a portrait of a person that exaggerates certain features in order to express the essence of the person and still make the subject easily identifiable. Caricatures have probably influenced your opinions and viewpoints in ways you never even realized. If you have ever looked at an editorial caricature in a Sunday paper, and agreed with it, objected to it, or simply found it funny, then you have been influenced by this art form. Lets take a look at a collection of really awesome caricature art works done by Jason Seiler. From Chicago Jason Seiler is very talented caricature artist. Studied fine art illustration in Chicago at the American Academy of Art, Jason is doing work with so many clients like GOLF Magazine, MAD Magazine, TIME, Bloomberg Market, The Weekly Standard, The Week, Village Voice, Business Week, Disney, Sony Images, Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema and many more.

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Beautiful World Sceneries

Beautiful World Scenery

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Gwyneth Paltrow Photos

Gwyneth Paltrow Photos

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Priya Anand Latest Photo Gallery

Priya Anand Latest Photo Gallery

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Asus ROG Matrix 5870 Video Card Power

Asus has introduced the ROG Matrix 5870 video card power, a solution with 2 GB of memory and cooling system customized. Frequencies are equal to 894 MHz core and 1200 MHz memory. Compared to the Radeon HD 5870 standard, this card has a core and then faster than 44 MHz.

The new ASUS ROG Matrix 5870 provides the Power Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which automatically adjusts the frequency, voltage and fan speed based on workload. With Asus it can get up to 19% more performance with the FPS and a noise reduction of 54% shares in 2D compared to a standard form 5870.

For the overclocker’s Asus iTracker2, a feature hardware and software that lets you change the operating frequency and voltage. iTracker2 also allows temperature monitoring and overclocking store profiles or choose from five preset profiles.
Asus ROG Matrix 5870 Features:

* Video Memory 2 GB GDDR5
* Core Frequency 894 MHz
* Frequency 4.8 GHz memory
* Bus 256-bit
* HDMI, DisplayPort, two DVI

Finally, thanks to Asus Probelt and using a multimeter can perform measurements of voltages of some components through the contact points on the PCB. The ASUS ROG Matrix Power 5870 is available in Italy at the price of 539 euros.

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