How to Write a Winning Cv or Resume Objective

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How to Write a Winning Cv or Resume Objective

When preparing your resume or CV for potential employers you may find that the hardest part to write is the “Objective”.

Although it is difficult to write, the objective is a very important to your resume. It is also considered to be important because it is what the employer will see first and you know what they say about first impressions!

In this article you will find some tips for creating a successful resume objective. Take your time with this section so you do not ruin your chances of getting that interview.

What is the Resume Objective?

This is the small, three to five sentence paragraph that is traditionally at the top of the resume directly under the header. The objective needs to include:

- the job you are applying for

- why you would be great in this position. and

- what assets will you be able to bring to the company if you should get hired.

You will always want to make sure that your objective is tailored to fit the job that you are applying for. It should never be too general or vague - employers do not like to see this. They need to know that you are interested in and qualified for the position you are applying for.

Here are three examples of what a successful resume objective should look like.

“I am interested in the Service Manager position you recently advertised. I am confident that while in this position I will be able to make the most of my management and leadership skills along with my abilities to create work schedules for employees and deal with any complaints that customers may have.”

“I am a retired elementary school teacher and am interested in the day care staff position that has recently become available. I held a kindergarten teaching position for more than 25 years and early childhood education is my passion. I would be a great asset to your center because I love being around young children and helping them discover and develop.”

“I am a certified RN who has used my skills for the last five years as head of nurses at a local assisted living facility for the elderly and disabled. I am interested in the nursing position you have available in your hospital and would love to become a part of your staff. I am very confident in my nursing abilities because it is my life and my passion. I believe that with all that I have achieved and learned throughout the decade I spend at the assisted living facility that I will be a great addition to your nursing staff.”

There’s more resume objective here including 5 more resume objective examples.

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Meet Einstein, The World's Smallest Horse

Meet Einstein, The World's Smallest Horse
A pint-sized horse was born on 23rd April Friday, 2010 at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm, 158 Garland Road, Barnstead, New Hampshire, may be the smallest ever, his proud owners say. This pinto stallion, named as Einstein by his owners, Rachel Wagner and Charles Cantrell of Bellingham, weighing just 6 pounds and measuring 14 inches in height at birth. As the world’s smallest horse, the three-day old pinto stallion could be a record breaker. An application was already submitted by Wagner to the Guinness Book of World Records to see whether Einstein qualifies as the world’s smallest horse.

Judy Smith said that the average newborn mini-horse is 21 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds and also said that in more than 20 years of raising miniature horses, she has never seen one so small. The current world record held by Thumbellina, a chestnut mare was born 11 inches tall and 8.5 pounds in 2001 near St. Louis. Now, she stands 17.5 inches tall and weighs 58 pounds.

Co-owner Rachel Wagner said that “It’s the miracle in Barnstead.” No signs of dwarfism are seen in Einstein, says another co-owner, he is just a tiny horse: “This little guy is like all horses, he’s almost all leg.” Wagner doesn’t know if the size of the horse is decided by height or weight, and was unsure whether the horse must be measured when fully grown. A family practice physician, Wagner lives with husband Charles Cantrell, a live entertainment producer, in Bellingham, Wash. The couple spends their summers at a house in Gilmanton.

On Smith’s farm, 10 and 15 tiny horses are born each year. Electronic devices are attached to pregnant mares by Smith and her husband Larry and a beeper goes off at their bedside when the horse lays down in anticipation of giving birth. On Friday, at about 3 a.m the beeper went off as Einstein’s mother, said by Smith. Then, she stayed by his side for four hours after his birth to make sure he would be okay.

It is asked by Cantrell that if the horse was for sale, decided immediately to buy it as a gift for his wife. Cantrell’s wife is a family practice physician who owns a number of horses at their Washington home and rides them in equestrian equitation competitions.

At Tiz a Miniature Horse Farm, 48 miniature horses are there and on 8th May they will hold an pen house, a day when children and adults get to visit and interact with the mini-horses. (source:)

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Mt. Manganui Beach - HD Photography

Mt. Manganui Beach - HD Photography

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Ephemicropolis by Peter Root

Ephemicropolis is a metropolis made completely from stacks of metal staples. Peter Root used over 100,000 staples to create this city. Looks amazing.

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Scuba Animal Divers Use To Find Something

Scuba Animal Divers Use To Find Something

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Sania Mirza & Shoaib wedding reception Lahore Photos

Sania Mirza & Shoaib wedding reception Lahore Photos

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Pakistani Celebrities Wedding Pics

Pakistani Celebrities Wedding Pics

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